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New Zealand beat South Africa to enter maiden World Cup final

We have to look after Mustafizur: Heath StreakEngland tour has been a success: Martin GuptillFlintoff: I survived on bravado but Stokes has a lot more skillNew Zealand hope to end tour on positive noteIndia tour to Zimbabwe cancelled: ReportsDelighted Mortaza calls for consistencyDon’t put
cheap Michael Kors outlet ‘anybody’
Michael Kors handbags as coach just because position is vacant: MS Dhoni’Warne Tendulkar’ league to be
fake Michael Kors played in major baseball stadiumsAustralia won’t cross
cheap Michael Kors sledging line, vows ClarkeMS Dhoni: Our batting is the problemWe have to look after Mustafizur:
cheap Michael Kors Heath StreakEngland tour has been a success: Martin GuptillFlintoff: I survived on bravado but Stokes has a lot more skillNew Zealand hope to end tour on positive noteIndia tour to Zimbabwe cancelled: ReportsDelighted Mortaza calls for consistencyDon’t put ‘anybody’ as coach
replica Michael Kors handbags just because position is vacant: MS Dhoni’Warne Tendulkar’ league to be played in major
Michael Kors handbags baseball stadiumsAustralia won’t cross sledging line, vows ClarkeMS Dhoni: Our batting is the problem2nd ODI
cheap Michael Kors 21 Jun, 201538 Ov4th T20I 21 Jun, 2015India tour of Bangladesh, 2015.Articles Connexes:

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It’s time to get Cork Airport flying again

Cork Airport is in a competitive market but quality
Michael Kors handbag outlet and better business always win out. Through improved marketing abroad, it will thrive again, writes Kevin Toland.

There are a
fake Michael Kors number of myths surrounding Cork Airport and it is important when discussing the airport current position that we focus on the facts. Here comes the bride all dressed in. toilet paper?Singer Lily Allen to be alive after gas explosionBUSINESSToday summit puts euro in the spotlightCoalition has to defuse property tax bombSPORTChampionship Preview: Decades of the damnedHard to beat early season local fareLIFESTYLESean Scully is squaring up to doubtersGregorian chant to Barbie Girl: the Scala choir have got it covered

WATCH: That moment when you’re singing an Ed Sheeran song and he joins inVIDEO: Limerick dad proves that love is really the
Cheap Michael Kors handbags mother of all
Michael Kors handbags outlet inventionNew York Times apologises for Berkeley articleVIDEO: You need to watch Jon Stewart powerful monologue
michael kors handbags outlet on the Charleston shootingsIt time that Ireland weaned itself off bottlesHundreds of Cork students left stranded after Junior Cert disco fiascoDefence Forces role for former hurlerVIDEO: Meet Cian Twomey and his girlfriend EmilyNew York Times coverage of Berkeley tragedy labelled ‘a disgrace’Man gets eight years for headbutt attackArticles Connexes嚗�

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Top 7 Ways To Increase Your Ezine’s Circulation Through Joint Ventures With Other Publishers

This has been the absolute number one way I’ve increased my ezines’ circulations over the long term. The idea is simple: After someone submits a form on
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet your website to subscribe to your ezine, send them
fake Michael kors handbags outlet to a page where they can subscribe to 3 5 related ezines by other publishers. The other publishers do the same for you on their sites. Because the surfers are "pre qualified" in a sense (they’ve already subscribed once), chances are that they’ll subscribe to one or more of the other publications as well. In my experience, around 70% of website subscribers go on to subscribe
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet to at least one more publication on the "Thank You" page. This is cross promotion at its finest: There’s no need to send visitors away from your site to help each other out.

A similar idea is to recommend ezines similar in topic to your own in the E mail welcome message you send to your new subscribers, and to have other publishers do the same for you. This is an ad
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Michael kors handbags outlet without being an ad swap, and can be much more effective, as it allows you to reach each other’s subscribers and show them your unique twist on
discount Michael Kors a topic, your writing style, etc. You would of course include subscription instructions for each other’s ezines after the article.

This is an extension of number 4, where you actually take over another publisher’s ezine for an issue, and vice versa. Obviously, this can be dangerous, as it can alienate your subscribers or just confuse them. Done well, it can be an excellent means of cross promotion.

Similar to the simple ad swap idea below, this takes it a step further, where each publisher recommends the other’s ezine in their own words. This is more effective than a simple swap, because your long term subscribers have usually come to respect your opinion. It can also be more dangerous for the same reason:
cheap michael kors Recommend a sloppy ezine and your subscribers may lose respect for you.

Finally, we’ve made it to good old ad swaps :) These can be very
michael kors handbags outlet effective if done right, but you may be surprised at the amount of labor it takes to set these up. Finding the right ezines to swap with can be a full time job in itself.

Obviously, all 7 of these ideas require that you do a decent amount of networking with other publishers. Discussion lists and Web based forums for E mail publishers are a great place to start.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Trade falters among competition

Reviews Top Categories Phones Laptops TVs Tablets Cameras Appliances Car Tech Audio Desktops Software Headphones Printers Networking Wearable Tech Deals

How To Top Categories Computers Home Entertainment Internet Phones Photography Security Tablets ForumsLog In to CNET Join ETrade shares tumbled 13 percent on Friday after an analyst lowered his earnings estimate on the stock for the quarter. But today the stock has largely rebounded, climbing as high as 23 1/4, up from the previous day’s close of 21 3/8.

Deutsche Morgan Grenfell lowered its earnings estimate on ETrade shares to 16 cents from 17 cents, based on expectations that the company’s revenue will be lower than previously estimated because customer account growth may be down by 5,000 for the quarter, said Wayne Segal, a research associate.

ETrade had roughly 325,000 accounts at the end of December, up 188 percent from year ago figures and a 44 percent increase compared with the previous quarter.

"We mentioned
Cheap Michael Kors handbags in our report how Ameritrade has spent
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in advertising lately and there is a general increase in competition,"
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet heOther
Michael Kors handbags outlet competitors, like discount
discount Michael Kors broker Charles Schwab, have ramped up value add

services in their efforts to compete, while companies like Suretrade and Ameritrade are offering

to execute trades at less than $10 per transaction. ETrade next month also plans to roll out new services, such as research from brick and mortar brokerages and information on
fake Michael kors handbags outlet initial public offerings.

Analysts with Credit Suisse First Boston noted that ETrade’s quarter to quarter customer account growth is likely to slow during calendar 1998, to 11 percent at the end of the year from 17 percent at the start. They also noted that the cost to acquire new customers is likely to rise during this time, to $225 per customer from $200, and attributed the likely jump to a slowdown in new account growth.

Nonetheless, First Boston and DMG still remain bullish on the company, keeping their "buy" recommendations.

"I think 1998 will not be a year that disappoints people, but
cheap michael kors everyone will

have to wait
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet for the quarter numbers to be released,"

said Kate Connelly, an ETrade spokeswoman.

ETrade will announce its quarterly results April 7.

"Traditionally, ETrade has provided an upside surprise when they announce their earnings, but this quarter will be more in line with expectations," Segal

Analysts are expecting the company to report earnings of 15 cents a share,

according to First Call.

In the backdrop, Christos Cotsakos, ETrade’s chief executive and president, who had not been an active insider seller for more than a year, recently sold 9 percent of his holdings, or 150,000 shares. The shares were trading in the 27 range when he initially filed to sell, back in mid February.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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The Pontiac Car

Pontiac cars enjoy a rich history of production and sales
cheap michael kors in the United States and Canada from its start 1926 to the present. Pontiac features a more sporting, performance driving experience for a reasonable price. Pontiac logo was changed in 1956 from a Native American Headdress to a
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet Native American arrowhead. Pontiac car was the perfect vehicle for automobile market of those times, as it delivered its value in terms of room and operating cost.

Pontiac Bonneville was introduced in 1957, and it started GM TMs attention on the performance. Continuing with its specialization of performance, Pontiac introduced Wide Track in 1959. This car model offered greater stability and increased traction due to
Michael Kors handbags outlet larger wheel base. It was an instant hit with the public!.

The Pontiac GTO was introduced in 1964. Pontiac, thus, is often credited for the beginning of muscle car era, which was a major boost to sports industry and people who like to have a
michael kors handbags outlet big engine in small body. GTO was liked for its stunning looks and incredible performance throughout the decade of 60.

1967 saw the introduction of the
Michael Kors handbags outlet Firebird, an F body car placed on a small and sportier platform. The production of Firebird
Michael Kors handbags was stopped
Cheap Michael Kors handbags in 2002 after 35 years of successful sales.

Overall, it can be well noticed that Pontiac cars have always delivered the value of their names in terms of luxury, style, and engineering advancements to win the hearts of the public
Cheap Michael Kors handbags right from their inception!Articles Connexes:

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alive and well

My personal interest in governance and politics was fuelled in my teenage years by having excellent social studies teachers in high school. ("Recall MLAs, says teachers union leader," KDN, March
michael kors handbags outlet 15, 2012). operates under a commonwealth parliamentary system of government, not under a republican representative system. Our current premier is the leader of the party that has the most seats in
Michael Kors handbags outlet the Legislature and is an elected Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). As a party that holds the majority of seats in the legislature it is exactly within their
fake Michael kors handbags outlet right to enact government’s mandate, whether you agree with it or not. Karpuk: "It’s a government that’s pushing through their mandate against the majority of their government. It’s time that we start trying to force them to step up to the plate and call an election." Government is unable to "push through their mandate against the majority of their government" as
Michael Kors handbags the party (or parties in a minority government) that has the support of the
Michael Kors handbags outlet
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet majority of the elected
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet representatives in a legislature forms the government. Any legislative action by government requires a majority vote of the Legislature
discount Michael Kors to do so. (the anti HST petition and referendum) that primarily contributed to the current budget shortfall. This democratically created hole in the budget is a major reason for the government having a 0 0 0 negotiating mandate. This combined with the fact the bill the BCTF is so heated about was debated and voted on in a duly elected assembly of legislators really makes these ‘no democracy’ claims absurd. The BCTF went into negotiations with their employer knowing that a 15 per cent wage increase was never going to happen. Their leadership acted, in what they claimed, was in the best interest of their membership. This caused an extensive disruption of our education system and produced a public policy debate around government spending priorities in regards to education. This resulted in a government decision that was debated and voted by duly elected provincial representatives based upon the political and constituent views they were elected to represent. is working just fine, thank you. STEVEN L. PUHALLO KamloopsArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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How costly is your postcode

Insurers rate each area according to a list of risk factors. Burglaries cost insurers the most over the average year, but floods, subsidence and storm damage are also significant in setting local premiums.

Nathan Williams, underwriting director for Royal SunAlliance, says: ‘Different postcodes can present bad risks for different reasons. One home might be in a crime hotspot, another in a rural area might be near to a river and subject to a flood risk.

Parts of south London come up as the nation’s most expensive to insure because of a triple whammy of above average subsidence claims, crime and flood risk.

Tim and Faye Jones, who were married in May, love their home in West Norwood, but when they bought the four bedroom house in SE27 this year, they had not realised they were moving into an insurer’s nightmare. This was more
fake oakley sunglasses than 50 cheaper than rival quotes.

Tim says: ‘I had no idea SE27 was an insurance hotspot. It doesn’t feel like it should be. This is an ordinary house in an ordinary street, but I guess sometimes you suffer from what happens in surrounding areas.’

But living far away from a crime hotspot is no guarantee of low premiums. Insurance is also expensive in rural areas such as Wisbech in Cambridgeshire and Highbridge, Somerset, with the risk of flood the major
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses factor.

The figures from moneysupermarketcom do not take into account the impact of this summer’s devastating floods, which are likely to see premiums rise by up
fake oakleys to ten per cent.

Homeowners can take steps to
cheap oakleys trim the cost of premiums. For example, always shop around at renewal and compare your present insurer against the market.

Volunteering for a higher excess the portion of a claim
cheap wholesale oakley sunglasses you pay will reduce overall premiums. And many insurers now reward customers with no claims discounts of up to 30%.

This means it can pay to think twice before lodging a claim for minor losses, such as accidental damage. You can also take steps to reduce the impact of potential floods.

Peter Staddon, head of technical services for the British Insurance Brokers’ Association, says: ‘Premiums
fake oakleys are heavily influenced by the burglary rate, so try to join Neighbourhood Watch and go beyond basic security measures.

‘If you go to a broker and tell them about exactly what you are doing to cut the risk, they can present your home to an insurer in the best possible light.’

Cashplus froze my mum’s account why won’t it allow her to close it and give back her

Should I be using ETFs instead of mutual tracker funds and will I
wholesale cheap oakleys be able to hold them in my Isa and Sipp if I do?

oakleys sunglasses going to Madrid this weekend just when Spanish air traffic controllers are going on strike. Will I get compensation if my flights are cancelled or delayed?Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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accused man told psychiatrist

While it’s possible a 73 year old man accused of killing his wife was detached from reality during the shooting, he likely had full knowledge of what he was doing, a forensic psychiatrist testified Wednesday at the first degree murder trial.

Dr. Roy O’Shaughnessy told the court that, during a four hour conversation, Joseph Melvin DesRoches said he had had trouble sleeping the night before he killed Rosa Maria DesRoches, 77. on March 18, 2014, took his son’s dog
cheap oakleys outside and went into the basement, where he
fake cheap oakley sunglasses assembled and loaded his 9 millimetre German Luger.

DesRoches said he went outside, shot the dog and then went upstairs to Rosa’s bedroom, shooting her once through the blankets
fake oakley sunglasses from about three metres away, the psychiatrist said.

“It was almost like a dream,” O’Shaughnessy quoted DesRoches as saying.

“That morning it was like going through the motions. I just acted without putting a lot of thought into what I was doing,” DesRoches told the psychiatrist.

While DesRoches didn’t recall having specific thoughts of wanting to kill Rosa before he got the gun, O’Shaughnessy said there didn’t seem to be any gaps in his memory of the shooting.

“He had a very detailed memory in the interview I had with him,” O’Shaughnessy testified.

Defence lawyer Ray Dieno suggested DesRoches was in a dissociative state at the time of the killing, meaning he was detached from reality and therefore did not have the mental capacity to form the intent for first degree murder.

Dieno said DesRoches’s memory
fake oakleys was impaired, noting that he told another psychiatrist that his memory of climbing the stairs to Rosa’s bedroom was “hazy and dreamlike.”

O’Shaughnessy said there are different stages of a dissociative state, from complete amnesia to
fake cheap oakleys partial memory loss.

“It’s entirely possible there were dissociative symptoms,” O’Shaughnessy said, adding research shows between 20 and 60 per cent of people who kill someone have no memory of doing it.

Dieno asked O’Shaughnessy if a complete lack of emotion could be one symptom of a dissociative state, pointing out that DesRoches showed little emotion in his 911 call or during questioning
fake oakleys at Saanich police headquarters.

O’Shaughnessy said DesRoches, in general, has a difficult time expressing emotions and often didn’t know how to deal with his depression or resentment toward his wife.

DesRoches told the psychiatrist the couple had little physical or emotional intimacy and that Rosa could be controlling and demanding. The two met while he was serving with the Canadian Forces in Germany and
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses married after she became pregnant. They were married for 45 years.

DesRoches was working with the Commissionaires, providing security. O’Shaughnessy said DesRoches worried about the couple’s finances, specifically a line of credit for more than $100,000. When his work hours were cut, he spent more time at home, adding stress to the already strained relationship.Articles Connexes:

cheap oakleys







Articles Connexes:










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7 Reasons Great Companies Rise To The Top

Are you ready to shift from victim mentality and knee jerk reactions to opportunistic thinking and proactive strategies to profit even in recessionary times?

"Recession" is one of the most distorted, counterproductive words in the English language! Its mere use engenders a strong emotional response from consumers and businesses alike ranging from fear and pessimism to total sense of defeat.

Yes, we are in an economic downturn that may get worse before it gets better. However, recessions are neither negative or bad in themselves. Recessions are "contractionary" periods, that force us to get more conscious about money and our spending, get rid of waste and conserve our resources where most needed. Call it the "yin"
fake oakley sunglasses and "yang" of economic cycles.

Warning: It Is Your Beliefs About the Recession That Can Be Fatal To Your Business

Our economy and our businesses go through similar expansion and contraction phases. Why so many people and perhaps you are one of them sink to despair or paralyzed with fear by the word "recession" is because of your beliefs about recession and the meaning you give to the word.

"Recession IS strictly a matter of perception."How you perceive
cheap oakleys and respond to a recession will
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale determine whether your business grows profitably or fights for survival. Below are the top 7 reasons why great companies thrive during a recession and how you can do the same.

Top 7 Reasons Why Great
oakleys sunglasses Companies Rise To The Top, Even During Recessionary Times

1. Great companies transform external threats into opportunities.

The Japanese are masters at crisis management and look at situations like recessions as polarities. Ie., neither all good nor all bad, but a mixture of both. The Japanese symbol for crises is a representation of two separate symbols: danger and opportunity. Such a perspective encourages responsiveness not reactiveness. As a result, the Japanese focus not on the problem, but on new solutions . not on survivability, but on growth . not on short term losses, but long term prospects.

How are you perceiving the current downturn as a threat or an opportunity? How have you reacted to past recessions? How might the recession actually be an opportunity for your business?

2. Great companies take advantage of and profit from changing dynamics in the marketplace.

A business can grow and profit during a recession if it understands the underlying dynamics of the marketplace. Crises tend to stimulate change in people. The challenge is to respond to such changes in a timely and
cheap fake oakleys direct fashion. To take advantage of these shifts, it is critical to address the 5 "W’s."Who is doing the buying now? Although overall spending may be down, such trends cannot be generalized across all industries and business segments. Buying behavior shifts, changes and refocuses more than it declines. What new markets can you address that are actually on the rise?What needs and benefits are priorities for your customers at this time? Are there new products or services that might address these shifts or serve as alternatives to satisfy the status quo?What needs must the customer have satisfied now vs later? What special incentives will motivate the consumer to buy today?During a downturn, customers often rethink their buying loyalties. From what sources are they currently buying? How can you make your products more accessible to your target market to buy?The
fake cheap oakley sunglasses "why" addresses customers’ underlying motivations for buying. What motivations are driving customers’ buying decisions today? What are customers’ expectations of the future? How will these expectations affect their buying behavior today?

3. Great companies catalyze seemingly "negative" times
cheap fake oakley sunglasses into positive moves.

In recessionary times, great companies aggressively look for the "silver lining in the cloud" and mobilize resources to seize those hidden opportunities. They act, not react.

The winners are those who recognize that their future is not determined
oakley sunglasses replica by external events, but by their response to those events. They stay focused on what they have control over, and respond proactively to those they can’t control.

What positive moves can you take instead of reacting to the recession? How might you better utilize your resources to seize hidden growth and profit opportunities?

4. Great companies make room for new growth by "de cluttering" that which is marginal or ineffective.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Before Paris and Nicole

At the end of the 19th century, Buffalo Bill Cody was arguably the most famous man in the United States, because he looked sharp while riding a horse. And Annie Oakley was arguably the most famous woman, because she looked comely while firing a gun. Commonplace as such superficiality may be characteristic of celebrities from Ronald Reagan to Paris Hilton the popularity of Cody and Oakley is hard to fathom in our megaplexed, multichannel, celebrity saturated society. Not only were they, as Larry McMurtry notes in Colonel and Little Missie, our first superstars. Adjusted for ego inflation and the explosion of media bandwidth, they were also, and will likely
replica oakleys remain, our foremost.

Exactly who Cody and Oakley were, though, becomes less clear with each attempted biography. The greater the scrutiny, the less certain their history. Every detail is questionable. With his novelist eye and footing in the West, McMurtry is positioned to deliver as good a book on the pair as we likely to get. He has succeeded for the most part, by telling us all that isn known about them, that we might more fully appreciate the extraordinary story of their fame.

Annie Oakley isn quite as much of a mystery as Buffalo Bill. Having apparently led a less eventful life, there are fewer events concerning her that may be apocryphal. Still, we can be certain even of her
wholesale oakleys real name: While we know that she changed it to Oakley after a respectable neighborhood in Cincinnati nobody is quite sure whether she was born Phoebe Ann Moses or Phoebe Ann Mozee. As for the year of her birth, it seems to have been 1860, though for most of her life she insisted on 1866. What nobody doubts is the desperate poverty of her childhood in Darke County, Ohio. McMurtry puts it best when he writes, Dickens had nothing on Annie Oakley.

Somehow she figured out how to shoot. One story claims that, as a young girl, she picked up her father shotgun and hit a squirrel between the eyes. Another story makes the creature a bird, and holds that the recoil broke her nose. Either way, the animal probably became supper, and by the time she turned 15 she was bringing in game full time for a local grocer.

Or not quite full time: Like any good shot, she also entered skeet competitions, as ubiquitous in 19th century rural America as pickup basketball games are in Chicago or Detroit or New York today. That where she met her future husband, the marksman Frank Butler. We don know for sure whether she beat him at their first meeting by two clay pigeons or one. We do know that he became her manager, and, within a few years, she was an international superstar.

Buffalo Bill became famous first, though, and provided the stage upon which Oakley legend was made. He had a 14 year head start. William Frederick Cody was born in Iowa in 1846, and, while not as bad as Oakley his childhood in the bloody Kansas territory would also have given Dickens a run for his money. ( these parts, McMurtry notes, Civil War lasted something like twenty years, rather than four. Then, in the same spontaneous, inevitable way that Annie got her gun, Buffalo Bill landed in the saddle. His first job, at age 11, was delivering
fake oakleys cheap messages for the Western freighting firm that would shortly found the Pony Express.

That did not make him, as legend has it, a part of the Pony Express, let alone its star rider. The mount he was assigned was a mule, and the extent of his run from freight yard to telegraph office was all of three miles. McMurtry believes that, by the time the Pony Express came along, 14 year old Cody had advanced enough to become its youngest messenger, but the best proof McMurtry can muster is only that it makes a good story. (All the supporting evidence from Cody day, as McMurtry ably demonstrates, is not the least bit plausible, and the documentary evidence is spottier than Buffalo Bill arithmetic.) None of which would make much difference since nobody has ever doubted Cody skill as a rider except for the fact that he pretended
fake oakleys to have been a Pony Express messenger, for more than 30 years, as the centerpiece of his performance in Bill Wild West.

In his world renowned entertainment which seems to have been a cross between a vaudeville act and a military parade he also pretended to have done a bit of Indian killing. In particular, he was fond of showing how he taken first scalp for Custer while he was employed as a scout by
fake oakley sunglasses cheap the Army. If he did so, it was in 1876, shortly after the massacre at the Little Big Horn had left Gen. George Armstrong Custer dead alongside 250 of his men.

According to Buffalo Bill, the scalp belonged to a Cheyenne chief named Yellow Hand, whom Cody caught early one morning leading a raid on the Fifth Cavalry. Yellow Hand challenged him to a duel. fired at each other simultaneously. My usual luck did not desert me, for his bullet missed me while mine struck him in the breast. He reeled and fell, but before he had fairly touched the ground I was upon him, knife in hand, and had driven the keen edged weapon to the hilt in his heart. Jerking his warbonnet off, I scientifically scalped him in about five seconds.

This turn of events has been refuted by many people, from modern historians to eyewitnesses in Cody own brigade. One account holds that Cody shot the Cheyenne horse and a fellow cavalryman hit the Indian. A
fake oakleys cheap differing account has another scout Baptiste Bat Garnier killing the warrior in a ravine, and leading Cody to the body several days later because Buffalo Bill wanted a souvenir for his wife in North Platte, Neb. Lulu Cody got the scalp all right, and Buffalo Bill used it in shows for the rest of his life, persistently calling the warrior Yellow Hand, when in truth the man name was Yellow Hair, and calling him a chief, when he was a mere lookout. fact Yellow Hair had not been a famous Indian, McMurtry writes, became famous with his death.

Indeed, the same was true of the Pony Express, which was made mythic posthumously as part of Buffalo Bill show. And it was true of Cody role as a hero of the West as well he called himself a colonel because he liked the title although of course he was alive and well at his center stage apotheosis. easy to forget that the narrative of his life is one story and the narrative of his fame is another, McMurtry writes. Easy to forget, and essential to remember.

Then why the outsize celebrity? Annie Oakley was a good sharpshooter
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale and Bill Cody was a good scout. Nobody ever disputed that.
cheap oakley sunglasses But by no means was either the best, even in these dubious areas of achievement. Others shot more clay pigeons than Annie. Many others slaughtered more Native Americans, to say nothing of buffalo, than Cody. But, had they been better at what they did, had that been the basis of their fame, they certainly wouldn have been superstars.

More than she was for her shooting score, Oakley was endearing to audiences for her pout when she missed a tossed penny and for how she kicked the ground with her boot when she hit the mark. As for Buffalo Bill, had he been a real Indian fighter, out taming the frontier, he wouldn have left the plains to perform in London, with a troupe of Native Americans, in front of Queen Victoria. Bill Wild West, which traveled the world in various guises from the 1880s until Cody death in 1917, was presented as historical reenactment Cody never called it a show but the only history it really reenacted, by interminable repetition, was the history it invented.

In truth, the West was not won but lost, irretrievably, and Cody and Oakley became legends by turning it into a myth, almost perfectly devoid of authenticity. McMurtry notes that Bill Wild West was popular, against all predictions, in cities such as San Francisco, because people living in such still remote outposts prefer, for an hour or two, the fantasy rather than the reality. He seems mystified, though, by testimonials by the likes of Mark Twain, who asserted that to the smallest detail the show is genuine wholly free from sham and insincerity. He wonders whether Twain was drunk when he wrote those words. Twain probably was a safe bet any day but McMurtry perceptiveness unaccountably deserts him at this juncture: Like Buffalo Bill, Twain was a storyteller, and recognized the truth that legend makes of itself.

Indeed, Bill Wild West was a more appropriate moniker than Cody may have recognized. By the turn of the century, the Wild West was more or less Buffalo Bill own possession, and, along with Annie Oakley, he was its chief asset.

Today we condemn celebrities for their shallowness. Their appearance is their talent. They a cultural null set. But, if we are to believe that Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley are meaningful to acknowledge that we are a product of the stage set Wild West they brought us we would do well to give the likes of Paris Hilton more credit. The emptiness of celebrity is the vessel of our collective legend. Superstardom is our heritage.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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